How long does an order take to get here?
How long is a piece of string? It depends on many factors, from where you live, to how you paid, to what you ordered. During certain times a year we can get very busy and during those times orders will be filled a little more slowly. On average all orders should go out between 1 and 5 business days of receiving payment and the rest depends on your shipping method and location. Girls shirts, sweatshirts and long sleeves are not kept in stock, so they are only printed when ordered. All orders are filled on a first come first serve basis. For example if we have five days worth of orders to process and yours comes in, it will be a minimum of 5 days before processing and shipping your order. Keep in mind if you order a sweatshirt and there's a weeks worth of orders before yours to print and we have an order for the same design that is ahead of yours, then your sweatshirt will be printed with the prior orders and will be shipped sooner.
What is your exchange policy?
Exchange is only for defective items or items which we incorrectly sent you. For example if the size or design was wrong.
Can I get tracking or email confirmation?
Do you accept international orders?
Yes, shipping will be calculated automatically during checkout.
How do I get my band merchandise on your website?
Contact Us and we will work something out.
If I send you one of my own shirts, sweatshirts, etc... will you guys print on it?
I have this one design I want on a T-Shirt, but I only want one, can you do that?